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Counseling Presentations

About Our Counseling Presentation Programs

Our counseling presentation programs were developed to provide critical information for students and parents as they prepare for the transitions during high school. This is an exciting, but potentially stressful time. While balancing important academic responsibilities, extracurricular demands and social activities, students are faced with new challenges and difficult decisions.

The programs seek to assist students and parents in developing the knowledge and confidence to adequately prepare for these important transitions.  We believe all students and parents will benefit from our programs.

We look forward to your feedback and program suggestions. Here’s to success this year and the years ahead!

Academic Planning Presentations for the 2024-25 School Year 

Academic Planning Night, Jan. 17, 2024. PDF below

thumbnail of Academic Planning Night 2024

Lessons for students are available through the YHS Academic Planning Canvas Course to which students should have access


Middle School information Session to Students:

thumbnail of _23-24 Middle School Presentation

College and Career Planning Presentations

Yorktown PTA’s College Application Boot Camp, June 2022

Annual Programs

Senior Night (Fall)

A presentation designed for seniors and parents to review the college planning process.

Junior Night (Spring)

Designed for Juniors and their parents. Counselors will present information to assist Juniors in planning for the college application process and post secondary transition. Topics include tasks Juniors will need to complete in Naviance this spring, college selection and touring tips, finances and using the summer wisely.

Academic Planning Night (Winter)

Presentations will be available on Graduation Requirements and Four-Year Planning, AP Scholars, Special Education, and Choosing AP Classes. Parents should be able to attend at least two of these throughout the evening. Core subject department chairs will be available to provide an overview of class sequences and options, and expectations. Elective teachers will display class activities and accomplishments, and be available for questions. Counselors will also be available for general planning questions. This program is open to all current 8th through 11th graders and their parents.

Special In-School Programs

Senior Planning: Post High School (September)

The counseling staff will review the college application process and assist seniors as they solidify their post high school plans.

Junior Planning: Individual Counseling and Group Meetings (November-June)

This program is designed to assist juniors in the development of their post high school plans.

Ninth Grade Curriculum Days (Quarterly)

The counseling staff will teach lessons in ninth grade English/History Blocks pertaining to topics on social/ emotional, academic and career development

High School for Beginners

Lesson from 9th grade lessons in October: how to access counseling, graduation requirements, time management, and organization suggestions

Naviance (All Year)

This program provides all students an opportunity to learn about their personality, interests and to research colleges, majors and careers.

Grade Level Group Meetings (Yearly)

During the academic year each student’s counselor will facilitate a meeting with them to discuss career and college goals, and create or update an individual academic plan.