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Dress Code

What is the dress code at Yorktown?

APS has developed a systemwide dress code standard to ensure consistency within and across all schools regarding dress expectations. APS values the importance of providing equitable learning opportunities and the rights of all students while ensuring student attire does not create a hostile or intimidating atmosphere or interfere with the health and safety rights of any student. In addition, APS strives to address the marginalization of any students or any student group in all areas of school life, including the clothing worn by a student. All students should be able to dress comfortably for school while recognizing the role they play in creating a positive learning environment This standard can aid in ensuring equitable responses and eliminating disparities in enforcement based on students’ school location, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, household income, gender identity or cultural observance. By necessity, appropriate school dress is the responsibility of each student and their parents/guardians. Students may wear clothing that is comfortable for them, expresses their self-identity and adheres to their religious beliefs while meeting the values of equity and respect for all students. Clothing is defined as items worn on the body, on top of undergarments. Clothing for school requires top and bottom or a full one-piece apparel item. For safety reasons, attire such as hats and hoodies may be worn as long as the student’s face is visible.

APS defines “inappropriate” as clothing that does not cover the buttocks or genitals, underwear worn without any clothes covering (visible waistbands or straps on undergarments worn under other clothing are acceptable)swimwear as standalone apparel (outside of pool areas), and clothing with language or images that are vulgar, discriminatory, derogatory, or obscene. In addition, clothing that promotes the use of weapons, illegal acts or violence, drugs, alcohol/drug paraphernalia or gang involvement may not be worn to school. Any student not complying with any of these standards will be required to correct their clothing immediately. The student’s parent/ guardian will be contacted, and the student will need to change into clothing in compliance with the APS dress code standard.