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Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable use Policy - Header

All Yorktown and Arlington Public School Students must sign and adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy.

  1. Arlington Public Schools loans digital devices to students as a tool for learning. These devices are the property of Arlington Public Schools, and students are responsible for keeping their individual devices in good working order.
  2. Students must be respectful in their use of technology at all times. Any use of technology that bullies threatens, harasses, endangers, or attacks another person or persons may be disciplined under all applicable regulations and laws.
  3. Students may use devices for learning when permitted by the teacher.
  4.  Students must silence, turn off, and/or put away devices when directed.
  5.  Students have no expectation of privacy while using the network, or while in possession of a device on school property.
  6.  Students may not disable or work around the content filter; or tamper with, copy, download, or attempt to install or execute files without authorization.
  7. A principal’s designee may take and search any device in student possession with reasonable suspicion a student has violated this policy. Devices that have been taken or confiscated may be held by an administrator.
  8. Students must cite sources used in the course of academic research and writing, and obtain permission for their use when appropriate.
  9. Students who mishandle, damage, or destroy APS property are subject to disciplinary action and referral to police and may be responsible for paying for the property.