Registration– Withdrawal– Address Changes

Are you new to Yorktown High School?

Welcome! Please take a moment to read through our New Students & Families Welcome Letter.
To begin the registration process please take a moment to get in touch with our Registrar, Ms. Carol Thompson:

Ms. Thompson is the Registrar at Yorktown High School. Her office is located in the Counseling department, Suite 108, on the first floor.
Her responsibilities include the registration of new students, the transfer of incoming students from other schools, the withdrawal of students from enrollment at Yorktown, and the management of enrollment information, including addresses on file, for current students.


A student can be enrolled at Yorktown by a parent or (court-appointed) legal guardian who lives within the Yorktown attendance boundaries. Boundaries can be checked on the Arlington Public Schools Boundary Locator.

Registrations can be found and completed here:

Address Changes

Address changes can be completed here:


Student withdrawals can only be completed by the parent or legal guardian here: